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c. 1930 Weissenborn Style A Spanish Style
A very Rare Spanish Style A Weissenborn round neck acoustic guitar. Figured Koa Body, Large V neck profile, Batwing style bridge, and 13 1/2" lower bout. A booming small body acoustic with a sparkling and resonant tone. The guitar displays some light finish checking and some nicks and dings. For its age, a nicely preserved guitar. No top or back cracks. One line on the treble side belly that appears to be finish checking along the grain line. The nut has been shimmed in the past. 4/32" 12th fret action. These Spanish Style Weissenborns do not come around often. HSC $4995
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1952 Gibson J-50 Natural Fixed Saddle
Here is a 1952 Gibson J-50. Natural Finish, Small Tortoiseshell Pickguard, Fixed Saddle, Z Factory Order Number, and Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard. The guitar displays lots of play wear with nicks, dings, finish checking, and scratches. It has a big, resonant, and open sound that we find can often only be achieved when an acoustic instrument has been played over the years. It plays easily up and down the neck with an amazing amount of resonance. The first 8 frets have been professionally replaced for optimum playability. The no logo Kluson tuners have been rebuttoned in the past and one slightly newer bridge pin. We see no cracks or crack repairs. Included is an aftermarket hardshell case. HSC $6495
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1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo SJ Acoustic
For your consideration is a 1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo Acoustic Guitar. Sunburst Finish, Fixed Saddle, Parallelogram Inlays, Large Rounded Neck Profile, Spruce Top and, Mahogany Back & Sides. Very Good vintage condition displaying play wear with nicks, dings, and finish checking. The guitar once had a large pickguard on the top. It has been removed with four filled screw holes on the top. Strip tuners were installed in the 1970s after the original tuner buttons crumbled. We have installed aged repro kluson tuners with a couple of extra screw holes visible. The guitar has been setup including the first 8 frets have been professionally replaced for optimum playability and newer bridge pins. The guitar has a big resonant tone. The 12th fret action is 4/32" on the bass side and 3/32" on the treble side. The factory order number is faint on the neck block. After some help from a magnifying glass we are confident it is a U corresponding to a 1957 production date. Here is a great sounding acoustic from Gibson's Golden Age. HSC $6495
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1956 Gibson J-160 E Sunburst
For your consideration is a 1956 Gibson J-160 E. Sunburst Finish, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard with Crown Inlays, No Line Kluson Tuners, Gibson Inlayed Headstock, Thin Tortoiseshell Pickguard, Adjustable Crank Saddle, Neck Pickup with Gold Bonnet Knobs, and Factory Order V stamped on the neck block. An all Original Guitar with no cracks or crack repairs. Very Good Vintage Condition displaying average play wear, finish checking, nicks, dings, and case rubs. Included is the original worn alligator chipboard case. OHSC $6995
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1962 Epiphone FT-79 Texan Sunburst
A Beautiful Early Texan. Sunburst Finish, Thin Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Early Headstock Design, Wide Nut Width, Resonant, and Crack Free. A tidy all original example that displays only some light play wear. HSC $6495
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1967 Epiphone Texan FT-79 Sunburst
Sunburst Finish, Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Kluson Tuners, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, and Blue Soundhole Label. Good Vintage Condition displaying lots of nicks, dings, scratches, and finish checking. Other than a second strap button, the guitar is all original. A nice open tone. The guitar has been setup and is ready to be played. Included is a newer worn Gibson hardshell case. HSC $3595
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1985 Martin N-20 Natural Custom Order
Here is a Custom Ordered 1985 Martin N-20. Nylon Strings, Slotted Headstock, Spruce Top, and Beautiful Rosewood Back and Sides. Similar to Willie Nelson's "Trigger". If you have ever found the 2 1/8" nut width a bit too wide on a standard N-20 like me, this one is a welcomed change with a Custom Ordered 1 7/8" Nut Width. Stamped "Custom" from the factory on the neck block above the serial number. A clean and tidy Excellent Condition Vintage Guitar displaying light play wear and a couple finish rubs from a guitar stand. Included is the Original Martin Hardsehell Case. OHSC $8495
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1998 Larrivee D-05 Acoustic
Here is a 1998 Larrivee D-05 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar. Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Flamed Maple Binding, Clear Pickguard, and Pickup with endpin Jack. Very Good used condition displaying some play wear with nicks, dings, and some pick wear on the upper bout. Included is the Original Hardshell Case. A nice sounding acoustic and well crafted instrument from Larrivee's early time period. OHSC $Just In
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1950 Gibson TU-3 Ukulele Uke
A top of the line Gibson Tenor Uke. Only 205 TU-3 ukes were shipped during their production from 1950-1955. Mahognay body, Sunburst finish, and Multi bound top and back. Overall a clean instrument with expected finish checking and three tight hairline cracks on the back of the body. Two bridge pins appear to be non original. This Uke comes with its original brown soft shell case. OSSC $2495
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