1964 Danelectro Double Neck 4/6 Model 3923
Rare Danelectro guitar and bass double neck. Lots of fun to play. Copper burst finish, Lipstick pickups, Coke Bottle headstock shape, 1964 dated pots, Stack knob controls, and three position switch between necks. The instrument displays honest relic style play wear. Bass bridge has player friendly added string anchor many years ago. Top strap button was moved a few time in the past. Classic Danelectro tone. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $2495
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 photo 1964DanelectroDoubleNeckCopperTT.jpg

1966 Epiphone Embassy Bass Cherry
A great players Epiphone Embassy. Thunderbird IV electronics with Dual pickups and 1965 dated pots, Cherry Finish, and Batwing headstock. The bass displays lots of play wear with tons of vintage vibe. Very old headstock repair. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $2995

1967 Epiphone Rivoli II Sunburst Custom Ordered
Here is a very cool Custom Ordered Bass. A seldom seen Rivoli II with dual pickups. We have seen our fair share of Dual pickup Eb-2 basses over the years but when was the last time you saw a dual pickup Rivoli? The bass was custom ordered with Stereo wiring. Easily played mono with a stereo adapter but using the Stereo application with two amps you can move mountains with this bass. Sunburst Finish, Mute system intact, Blue Label, Baritone switch, and Bonnet knobs. The bass was also ordered with two original pickguards. Shown in the photo with the Tortoise shell pickguard. Also included is a single ply white pickguard with E accent still intact. A truely "one-off" bass. Comes with its original black yellow lined hardshell case. OHSC $5500
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2007 Fender Bass VI Custom Shop Limited Edition 60s Reissue Relic
Limited Edition Custom Shop Fender Bass VI Reissue. Sunburst Finish, Rosewood fingerboard, Tortoiseshell pickguard, Tremolo, and Transition Logo. A tasteful light Relicing from the factory that includes finish checking, pick scratches and a few small nicks and dings for that authentic vintage look. Included is the original Custom Shop Certificate, Strap, Tremolo Arm, Cable and Paperwork. These Bass VIs are so much fun to play with a unique tone. OHSC $3295

 photo 2007FenderCustomShopBassVIRelicSunburstTT.jpg

1969 Fender Mustang Bass Competition Blue
An all original Competition Blue Mustang Bass. Matching Headstock, untouched solder joints on 1966 dated pots, Lollipop tuners, Pearloid pickguard, and handrest intact. The bass displays honest play wear with nicks and dings. Original frets are in great condition from a life of flatwound strings. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $2595
1960 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst
A beautiful "Under the Bed" find. One owner all original Slab Board Precision Bass. Vibrant Sunburst Finish, Spaghetti Logo, Dark Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, 5-60 neck date, Threaded Saddles, and Both Chrome covers. Included is the clean original Brown Hardshell Case, Strap, Cord, and Polishing Cloth Bag. The bass still even has its original time period Fender flat wound strings on it with dark blue felt. The neck is near perfect and is still white displaying very little age. The body still shows a great 3 tone sunburst finish having not faded to a 2 tone as most Fenders from the time period do. Body displays some light finish checking with some small nicks. The original nitrate Tortoise Shell pickguard has a few small shrinkage cracks. We believe we were the first ones to ever remove the neck of this well maintained beauty. A great find! OHSC $13,500

1965 Fender Precision Bass Charcoal Frost
Charcoal Frost has always been one of our favorite Fender Custom Colors. We have been lucky enough to have had a few Charcoal Frost guitars and basses come through over the years and are very happy to now offer this one. This is an early first year example of Charcoal Frost with most examples of this finish being produced in 1966 and 1967. The bass is all original and comes with the original case. OHSC $10,500

1972 Fender Precision Bass Fretless Sunburst
A crisp and clean Rare Fretless P-Bass. Sunburst finish, SEP 72 neck date, Both Chrome Covers & Handrest intact, and Tortoiseshell pickguard. An awesome setup with flat tape wound strings. Overall a very clean bass displaying very little wear. Not even much wear on the fretless fingerboard. One added screw hole for added jack stability and some sticker remnants on the front of the headstock. The bass sounds great with a warm but aggressive tone. Included is its original hardshell case. OHSC $2895

1974 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst
A Super Clean Precision Bass. Sunburst Finish, Tortoiseshell pickguard, Handrest and Chrome covers intact, Rosewood fingerboard, and light weight at 8.65 pounds. This bass has spent most of its life in its original hardshell case displaying very little playwear. OHSC $3300

1989 Fender 62 Reissue Precision Bass Mary Kaye
A Rare Mary Kaye 62 Reissue Precision Bass. Transparent Blonde Finish displaying lots of grain from the Ash body, Gold Hardware, Slab Rosewood Fingerboard, and thin body contours. Feb 1989 neck date and January 1989 body date. Other then a newer correct Gold tone knob the bass is all original. A great player and a comfortable weight at 8.9 pounds. Relic type play wear with some small nicks and dings and finish checking. Included is the original tweed hardshell case. OHSC $2095

1965 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst
Here is a cool all original transitional Jazz. The bass features an unbound pearl dot neck with an October 65 Neck date, Sunburst finish, Tortoiseshell pickguard, Transition logo, both covers, threaded saddles, and the original no tail Fender Case. Check out the pics of this bass because included is a picture of the original owner playing this bass. If you look close enough you can see what caused the small belt buckle patch of wear on the back of the bass. Cool bass with a lot of bottom end. OHSC $9,500

1974 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst
Original Sunburst Finish, Rosewood fingerboard, 4 bolt neck, and 1377424 pot dates. An attractive bass that displays some play wear with nicks & dings. Newer Fender handrest installed in the original holes. Included is the Original Hardshell case. OHSC $3295

 photo 1974FenderJazzBassSunburstOHSCTT.jpg

1982 Fender Jazz Bass Natural
Natural Finish over a figured Ash body, 82 dated pots with untouched solder joints, 82 stamped neck date, Both Chrome Covers intact, Bound neck with dot inlays, and 1970s Fender aesthetics. We love these 1982 Fender basses. The bodies were made just like the Fullerton Reissues with deep body contours that fit snug to your body, just like a 60s Bass. Overall a clean vintage bass that displays limited play wear. Newer strap lock buttons. It had another bridge installed at one time with original reinstalled. Included is a time period non Fender hardshell case. HSC $1895

1985 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst 62 Reissue
A very cool historical Reissue Jazz Bass. 1-6-85 neck date is the earliest 1985 neck date we have ever encountered. With the Fullerton factory ceasing production in February of 1985, this bass is perhaps among the last Fullerton Jazz Bass reissues produced, using up Fullerton parts before the move to Corona in late 1985. Jan 1983 dated body, 1982 dated pots, Sunburst Finish, Slab Rosewood fingerboard, Stack knobs, desirable thin Fullerton body contours, and both Chrome Covers and hand rest intact. Overall a very clean bass displaying minor play wear. Included is the original tweed case and case keys. OHSC $2995

1959 Gibson EB-2 Sunburst with Tags
A beautiful EB-2 that comes complete with its Original Hardshell Case, Hang Tag, Case Key, Baritone button instruction sheet, and an original pack of Gibson strings. A remarkably clean EB-2 from Gibson's golden year. Sunburst Finish, Banjo Tuners, Large neck profile, and orange label intact. A very clean example displaying some typical finish checking. A great find. OHSC $6000

 photo 1959 Gibson EB-2 with Hang Tag TT.jpg

1968 Gibson EB-2D Cherry
A nice EB-2D for the player. Attractive Cherry Finish, harder to find Dual Pickup model with mini humbucking bridge pickup, working Baritone switch, and semi-hollow body construction. The bass has an old rock solid professional headstock repair. These basses are very versatile with your thumping upright like EB0 neck pickup tone to your bright bridge pickup. The bass displays some average play wear with some light typical finish checking, a fine stress line at the jack, and one changed bridge saddle. Bass comes with a hand crafted rectangular case as pictured. HSC $1895

1962 Gibson EB-0 Cherry
A great early EB-0 with the Black Plastic pickup cover. This bass has some honest playwear with some finish checking but very little fretware from a life of flatwound strings. It also has a huge baseball bat neck profile. In fact it is the largest neck I have ever had on an EBO. No cracks or repairs on this bass and it is all original other than two missing tuner ferrules. A great thumper with a neck you will fall in love with. HSC $2395

1967 Gibson EB-0 Sparkling Burgundy
Rare Original Sparkling Burgundy Finish, Chrome hardware, Mute and Cover intact, and Rosewood fingerboard. The finish has very little fade and is still a deep Red, not the usual Copper coloring that most Sparkling Burgundy guitars become. The guitar has a control cavity crack that has been repaired. No headstock or neck body joint issues. The neck is straight and the bass plays well. Included is the original soft case. Super Cool Color. OSSC $1995

1965 Gibson EB-3 Cherry
Cherry Finish, Dual Pickup with Varitone switch, Mute, Handrest & Chrome Cover still intact. All original condition with No cracks or crack repairs. Overall excellent vintage condition with a small ding touch up next to the lead tone knob, some light playwear, and some typical finish checking. Very little fretwear on the original frets from a life of flatwound strings. Large comfortable rounded neck profile. A great sounding versatile EB-3 for that Jack Bruce tone and look. Bass comes with a 70s EBO case. HSC $4500

1978 Gibson RD Artist Bass Sunburst
Attractive Sunburst Finish, Moog Electronics, No cracks or crack repairs, Original Hardshell Case, Owners Manual and Schematic sheet. A versatile bass with variety of tones. Displays some average players wear with some nicks, dings, and arm wear. Original hardshell case is functional with replaced handle but does show wear and tear. OHSC $2395
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1978 Gibson RD Artist Bass Natural
Natural Finish, Active Moog Electronics, and Strings through body. The bass comes with its original hardshell case, Owners Manual, Schematic, and Gibson warranty paperwork. An excellent condition vintage bass that plays great. No cracks or repairs. OHSC $1995
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 photo 1978GibsonRDArtistNaturalBassOHSCTT.jpg

1967 Guild Starfire Bass Cherry
An early Guild Starfire Bass with the original & desirable Hagstom Bi Sonic pickup. Cherry Finish, Dual thumbrests, Mahogany Body & neck, and Rosewood fingerboard. This bass has a nice straight neck with correctly working truss rod. This one delivers that great warm woody tone that these early Starfire basses are known for. Other than one new tuner screw this bass is all original. No headstock cracks or repairs. There is a scrape on the back of the headstock that has left the serial number illegible and the soundhole label is not intact. Given the Hagstrom pickup and specs of this instrument we are confident in a 1967 production date. HSC $2395
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1998 Guild Starfire Bass II Blonde
A gorgeous Bass. Blonde finish over a Highly Flamed Maple body, Double pickups, Rosewood fingerboard, Chrome Hardware, and Westerly, RI f-hole Guild label. Included is the original hardshell case, Hang Tag, and owners Manual. These 1997-1999 Westerly, RI USA made Guild Starfire II Basses are great instruments and are getting harder to find. This one is clean displaying just some light play wear. OHSC $2595
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1972 Guild Jetstar II Bass JSII LEFT HANDED
A Rare factory Left handed Jetstar II Bass. Dual humbucking pickups, untouched original electronics, matching serial number Guild oval label on the back of the control cover, No cracks breaks or repairs. Some small edge body nicks and some light checking but overall an excellent condition vintage bass. Other than newer Gibson control knobs the bass is all original with a newer hardshell case. HSC $2095
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1970 Guild M-85 II Bass Cherry
A Rare First generation M-85 Hollowbody bass. Double pickup model with a Hagstrom Bi-Sonic neck pickup and a Hagstom bridge humbucking pickup, Arched top, 2 3/4" body depth, Vibrant Cherry Finish over attractive Mahogany, Bound top and back, and Chesterfield Headstock logo. A clean original example displaying very limited play wear. No cracks or repairs with some common deterioration on the plastic heel cap. A great sounding bass that comes with its original hardshell case (replaced handle). We do not see these Hollowbody M-85 basses often. OHSC $4195
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 photo 1970GuildM-85IIBassTT.jpg

1973 Guild M-85 II Bass Walnut
A very cool M-85 II Bass. The bass model of the Bluesbird guitar and a hard to find model. Dual Pickups, Factory Master volume and Phase switch, Mahogany body with carved top, adjustable wood saddles, and 1973 dated pots on an untouched harness. Often known as the Sheryl Crow bass for her consistent use of this exact model. Other than one changed knob the bass is all original with no cracks or crack repairs. The bass displays play wear with lots of small nicks and dings. A great sounding bass and a versatile two pickup model. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $2095
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1980 Guild B302 White
Original White Finish, Dual Pickups, 34 inch Scale, Straight Neck, and Rosewood fingerboard. The bass displays some play wear with nicks and dings. Newer knobs. Included is a hardshell case. HSC $895
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1982 Guild X702 B Blue Metallic
A super cool X-702 Bass in Blue Metallic Finish. Modified Star shaped body and headstock, Dual pickups, and Rosewood fingerboard. The finish is very attractive and reminiscent of Gibson's Pelham Blue finish. Overall an excellent condition bass displaying some small nicks. These pickups sound great. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $1395HOLD
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 photo 1982GUildX702BlueOHSCTT.jpg

1977 MusicMan StingRay Bass Inca Silver
Rare Factory Original Inca Silver Finish, Sep 77 dated Body, May 77 dated Neck, Serial number Neck Plate, String through body, and all original. This is one of the coolest basses and not only is it a fine looking piece but great playing as well. With most vintage Stingrays weighing in at 11 to 12 pounds, this is light weight example at just 9 and 1/2 pounds. The bass has a few finish checking lines and some small nicks and dings. The back has a silver dollar size belt buckle wear patch that is down to the undercoat. Straight Neck with light fret wear. The Inca Silver model is the pinnacle of vintage Stingray basses and we are proud to offer this fine example. HSC $4495
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c. 1978 Ovation Magnum IV
A nice example of the Magnum IV model. 3 band EQ electronics, Neck pickup with volume adjustment for each string, U shaped pole piece bridge pickup, and Cherry Red Finish. A very nice playing bass with light players wear. With the on board EQ you can dial in any tone from Gibson EBO to Fender Jazz bass. HSC $995
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1987 PRS Bass Black Fretless
Here is a Near Mint condition early PRS Bass. This one is all original and is a RARE fretless model. Black finish, Active electronics, Sweet Switch, and comes with the original hardshell case. These early PRS basses have very low production numbers and are all around great playing and sounding basses. OHSC $2295

1974 Rickenbacker 4001 Jetglo
Jetglo Finish, Factory Grover Tuners, Chrome bridge pickup cover intact, Straight neck, and untouched electronics. The bass displays some honest playwear . A great sounding bass that comes with its original hardshell case. OHSC $2395
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1986 Rickenbacker 4001 Silver
A cool Rickenbacker 4001 in very hard to find Silver Metallic Finish with Black Binding. The bass is all original with some honest playwear including some nicks and dings on the finish and wear on the hardware. HSC $1895
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1986 Steinberger XP2 Black
An early XP2. Graphite Neck, EMG pickups, Leg Rest intact, and V shaped body. This one is number N29XX which should correlate to a 1986 production date. A great sounding bass. Overall excellent condition with some surface scratches and a small crack in the pickguard. Included is the original Steinberger gig bag with broken zipper. An affordable 1980s Steinbgerger bass. Original Bag $1495
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