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1966 Fender Mustang Bass Olympic White
A First Year Original Fender Mustang Bass. Factory Olympic White Nitro Finish, Cloth Wiring, String Through Slab Body, Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Handrest, and Lollipop Paddle Tuners. This is a very early example before Fender had the completed Mustang Bass headstock logos, where Fender simply used a clipped logo for "Fender" on the Headstock. These early "Clipped" Logo examples were only produced for a couple months in 1966. Very Good Vintage condition displaying lots of play wear and finish checking. Included is the Original Hardshell Case (broken center latch). An early Collectible Mustang Bass that sounds great. OHSC $5495
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1966 Fender Mustang Bass Dakota Red
Here is another great First Year Fender Mustang Bass. Factory Dakota Red Nitro Finish, September 1966 Neck Date, Figured Maple Neck, String Through Slab Body, Pearloid Pickguard, Handrest, and Lollipop Paddle Tuners. Mustang Bass production started in late 1966 and the first runs were produced before Fender acquired their new Mustang Bass Logos. This is one such early collectible example displaying a Fender mustang guitar logo and "Bass" from a clipped Fender Bass V Logo. Very Good Vintage condition displaying play and belt buckle wear. A Rare Early Original Mustang Bass example. HSC $5495
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1969 Fender Mustang Bass Competition Red
Here is a 1969 Fender Mustang Bass in Cool Competition Red Finish. Racing Stripe, Pearloid Pickguard, May 1969 Neck Date, String Through Body, Hand Rest, and Lollipop Paddle Tuners. An early Competition Example still with the Matching Headstock. Very Good + Vintage Condition displaying some light to normal use. Comfortable 7 1/2 pound weight. Included is the Original Hardshell Case with some stickers on the outside lid. A complete original example. OHSC $5795
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2006 Fender Mustang Bass Reissue MIJ Vintage White
Here is a circa 2006 Fender Mustang Bass Reissue. Vintage White Finish, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, 30" Scale, Slab Rosewood Fingerboard, String Through Body, Crafted In Japan S prefix Serial Number, and Chrome Hardware. Good Used Condition displaying some dings and chips. Very little fret wear. A nice affordable Mustang Bass Reissue. $1195
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1962 / 63 Fender Bass VI Sunburst
A Super Cool Pre-CBS Bass VI. Sunburst Finish, Slab Rosewood Fingerboard, May 62 Neck Date, 6309 Pot Dates, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, and Tremolo. An easy playing Bass VI that sounds spectacular. Pro refret with new nut for ultimate play ability and a newer foam pad on the mute, otherwise original. Two extra strap button holes. Very Good Plus Condition displaying fine finish checking with some play wear. An iconic sound that has been used on many recordings from the "Batman" theme song to "Back in the Saddle" Included is the original Brown Tolex hardshell Case and Tremolo Arm to complete this awesome package. OHSC $12,500
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1965 Fender Bass V Candy Apple Red
Rare First Year Bass V in Custom Color Candy Apple Red with Matching Headstock. An all original Bass with its Chrome Covers and Handrest still intact. An excellent condition bass displaying some nicks, dings, and finish checking. An exceedingly cool bass that comes with its original no logo hardshell case. OHSC $7995

1974 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst
Here is a 1974 Fender Precision Bass. Sunburst Finish, Maple Neck, Both Chrome Covers, Handrest, 1974 Dated Pots, and a comfortable 8 3/4 Pound Weight. Very Good Plus Vintage Condition displaying some light to normal use. A couple small spots of touch up on the fret ends around the 12th fret. Included is the Original Fender Black Tolex Hardshell Case. OHSC $4495

1977 Fender Precision Bass Fretless Sunburst "Under the Bed" Clean
Here is a Beautiful and Clean 1977 Fender Precision Bass. Sunburst Finish over an Ash Body, Factory Fretless Maple Neck, Chrome Covers and Handrest Intact, and Untouched Electronics with 1976 Pot Dates. The bass is in incredible "Under the Bed" condition displaying minimal use. There are a few blemishes on the back of the body from the Fender Strap. The bass was just acquired from the Original Owners Family and still even has a set of Original Fender Flat Wound Strings installed. Included is Original Hardshell Case, Fender Strap, and Cord. A tidy Factory Fretless Precision Bass. OHSC $3995

1978 Fender Precision Bass Left Handed Natural
Here is a cool players condition Left Handed Vintage Precision Bass. Original Natural Finish over a nicely figured Ash Body, Maple Neck, P & J EMG Pickups installed in the 1980s, Newer Bridge, and a Straight Neck. Good Vintage condition with some normal play wear. Two nicely balanced Pickups that make for a fun Vintage Lefty P Bass. Bag $2595

1966 Fender Jazz Bass Dakota Red Refin
Here is a 1966 Fender Jazz Bass. Older Semi Pro Body Only Refin, Original Finish Neck and Transition Logo, October 1966 Neck Date, Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Threaded Saddle Bridge, and 1966 dated Pickups. Newer Pots dated 1979 & 1980 and 1970s Fender Tuners all other parts original. Very Good Vintage Condition. Comfortable 8 1/2 pound weight. HSC $5995

1971 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst
Here is a 1971 Fender Jazz Bass. Original Sunburst Finish, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, Chrome Covers & Handrest, Maple Neck with Bound Rosewood Fingerboard, and 1971 Dated Pots and Neck. Just set up and ready to play. Newer Bridge Saddles. Very Good Vintage condition displaying play wear with nicks, dings, fine finish checking, and belt buckle wear. Included is the Original Hardshell case with some wear and tear. A fine playing early 1970s Fender Jazz Bass. OHSC $5795

1974 Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White LEFT HANDED Time Capsule
An Outstanding and Rare Left Handed Jazz Bass in Extra Fine Near Mint Condition. Probably the cleanest one on the planet. Stunning Olympic White Finish over an Ash Body, 4 Bolt Maple Neck, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, Untouched Electronics, and all original. Both Chrome Covers and Handrest intact. The neck finish is still fresh and pale, almost like the day it was made. The body exhibits a couple very minor case rubs on the edges with a few small nicks. A heavy bass with an Ash Body. Included is the Original Left Handed Fender Hardshell Case with band stencil on the lid. Lefties, if you are looking for a Custom Color, 4 bolt, 70's Jazz Bass to add to your collection then look no further. OHSC $6495

1977 Fender Jazz Bass Walnut Tags "Under the Bed" Clean
Here is a Scary Clean 1977 Fender Jazz Bass. It looks like it might even have its Original Fender Flat Wound Strings. This "Under the Bed" Jazz Bass displays very little use and comes with its Original Hardshell Case and lots of Cool Case Candy! Factory Walnut Finish over a Striking Ash Body, Bound Maple Neck, Both Chrome Covers with Mute Still Intact, and Hand Rest. The neck is still white and has not yellowed out like most examples. The headstock adorns a 1977 Headstock serial number with early 1978 pot dates indicating the bass was not completed and shipped until 1978. A nice straight neck. A Crazy Collector Clean and Complete 1977/78 Fender Jazz Bass. OHSC $4495

1969 Ampeg Dan Armstrong Lucite Bass
Here is an early First Year Ampeg Dan Armstrong Lucite Bass. Clear Lucite Body, Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard, Schaller Tuners, Handrest, and 1969 Dated Pots. Very Good Vintage Condition displaying some light play wear. Included is an aftermarket hardshell case. A nice example that is among the first couple hundred produced. HSC $3695

1979 Gibson Thunderbird Bass Bicentennial Sunburst
There is nothing much cooler than the look of a Vintage Thunderbird Bass. Sunburst Finish, Reverse Neck Through Construction, Dual Pickups, Red/White/Blue Bicentennial Thunderbird Pickguard Logo, and 34" scale. Very Good vintage condition displaying honest play wear with nicks, dings, and belt buckle wear. No headstock cracks or repairs. Two added strap button holes on the edge of the body. Included is a later worn Gibson Thunderbird Case. HSC $4495

1953 Gibson EB-1
Here is a First Year Gibson EB-1 Bass. Violin Body Shape, Rounded Neck Profile, Banjo Tuners, Beautiful Swirl Grained Mahogany Construction, Dished Top with Pin Striping, and Inked on Serial Number. Very Good Plus Vintage Condition displaying some light to average play wear. No cracks or crack repairs. More recent jack plate and chocolate reissue knobs. Original Pots and Caps. One of only 105 EB-1s Made in the First Year. Included is the Original Brown Hardshell Case. OHSC $6695

1962 Gibson EB-0 Cherry
A great early EB-0. Cherry Finish, Black Pickup Cover, Nickel Hardware, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, Side Dated pots, and a tone pot dated 6241. The bass displays average play wear with nicks, dings, and finish checking. A big rounded neck profile and clean original frets from a life of flat wound strings. No cracks or repairs. Two missing tuner ferrules. Included is the original time period Gibson semi soft case. A great thumper with a neck you will fall in love with. SSC $2995

1967 Gibson EB-2 Sparkling Burgundy
Here is an All Original Custom Color 1967 EB-2. Vibrant Sparkling Burgundy Finish, Hand Rest, Mute System, Factory Baritone Switch, Orange Label, and a Rounded Neck Profile. Excellent Vintage Condition displaying some normal finish checking. No cracks or repairs. Included is the Original Gibson Archcraft Case. A complete and original Custom Color EB2. OSSC $4995

1968 Gibson EB-2D Cherry
A 1968 Gibson EB-2D in Factory Cherry Finish. Semi Hollow Construction, Dual Pickups, Baritone Switch, One Piece Mahogany Neck, and Bridge Cover. Very Good ++ condition displaying light playwear. Some light finish freckling spots on the back of the body from a strap. Missing pickguard. Mute system has been removed but is included in the case pocket of its Original Black Tolex Hardshell Case with Marigold Lining. OHSC $3995

1994 Pedulla MVP-6 Left Handed
We do not often come across 6 String Pedulla Basses let alone Left Handed Models. This one is a Rare Factory Custom Ordered find. Flamed Maple, Blue/Green Burst Finish, Bartolini Pickups & Pre-Amp, and Ebony Fingerboard. This is a players condition bass in Good Used Condition displaying lots of nicks, dings, and scratches. There was a crack on the treble wing of the headstock that has been repaired and is solid. There was a punch out at the jack that has been addressed using a jack plate. The bass has been setup and is ready to be played. All in all a very Rare Bass that allows a player to get a well crafted bass at a reasonable price. Bag $2495
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1999 Rickenbacker 4003S5 5 String LEFT HANDED Mapleglo
Rare Factory Left Handed 5 String Rickenbacker Bass. Mapleglo finish, Dual Pickups with Toaster Neck pickup, Neck through construction, and Mono Jack. An Excellent Used Condition Bass displaying limited play wear. Included is the Original Silver Rickenbacker hardshell case with some wear and Rickenbacker Paperwork. A Rare Lefty First Generation Rickenbcker 5 String Bass. OHSC $3995
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2013 Rickenbacker 4003 Ruby Red
Here is a 2013 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass in Rare Factory Ruby Red Finish. Neck Through Construction, Dual Pickups, Full Width Fingerboard Inlays, and Factory Push Pull Tone Pot for the "Vintage Tone Circuit" sound. Very Good Used condition displaying light use with a few nicks and some surface belt buckle wear on the back of the body. Included is the Original Rickenbacker Hardshell Case. An awesome Ruby Red 4003. OHSC $3595
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