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1980 BC Rich Eagle Left Handed
A Rare Factory Left Handed USA Made Eagle. Figured and Birdseye Maple Neck through Construction, DiMarzio Pickups, BC Rich Bridge, Grover Imperial Tuners, and Diamond Inlays. A hard to find Lefty from BC Rich's Handmade Golden Era. Overall an excellent condition vintage guitar displaying only minor play wear with a few small nicks, dings, and surface scratches. The previous owner customized the electronics by replacing the rotary switch with a push pull for the distortion channel. This allowed for a tone control for each pickup and left the coil splits and phase switches intact. We find this new setup to be player friendly but also easy to change back with a Neal Moser kit if desired. Newer Jackplate, strap lock buttons, and missing one pickup surround screw. A great looking guitar with no cracks or crack repairs. Included is an aftermarket road style case. HSC $4995

1986 BC Rich Mockingbird Left Handed Black
A Custom Ordered Left Handed USA Made Mockingbird. Black Finish, Gold Hardware, Factory Kahler Tremolo, Active Electronics with Distortion, and Neck through Body Design. A nice tidy example displaying some minor play wear with some small nicks and dings. No cracks or repairs. Included is a hardshell case and original paperwork. A Rare vintage BC Rich opportunity for the Left Handed Player. HSC $2895

1965 Silvertone 1454 Redburst
Redburst Finish over a Figured Maple Body, Three DeArmond Silverfoil Pickups, Factory Bigsby, and Rounded Neck Profile. Newer Bridge otherwise original. Very Good vintage condition with moderate play wear. Some blemishes on the back of the body from being stored on top of a strap and coil cord. 1965 production date and model number stamped in the bass side F-hole. SSC $1395
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1967 Supro Carlisle
Sunburst Finish, Gumby Headstock, Tremolo, Dual pickup and Kluson tuners. Some typical play wear with some spider webbing on the neck binding. Bag $895
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1960s Danelectro 3923 Double Neck
A cool Dano Bass and Guitar Double Neck. Copper Burst Finish, Lipstick Pickups, Stack Knobs, and Clear Pickguards. An all original and complete example. Good vintage condition displaying play wear with finish checking. The instrument was just setup and is ready to go. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $2495
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1964 Burns Double Six Green Burst 12 String
Here is an Early Burns Double Six 12 String Guitar in Super Cool and Stunning Green Burst Finish. Figured Maple Body and Three Burns Tri-Sonic Pickups. This is an early example still with the matching Green Burst finished neck and headstock before Burns would later change to a Natural Finished Neck. Excellent Vintage condition displaying some scratches, dings, and finish checking. Missing the bridge cover. Included is the Original Chipboard Case with Leather Straps. The same model as used by Elvis in "Spinout". OSSC $3295
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1990s Engel Prototype Guitar Rob Engel and Tom Doyle
Here is a Prototype Guitar from Rob Engel of Engel Guitars. A previous owner contacted Rob regarding this guitar and he said "yes, it was a prototype of a guitar that was made when I was working with Tom Doyle back in 91 . It has a 24 3/4 scale, poplar body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The pick ups are Seymour Duncan 59's wired on 4 conductor (series/parallel/single coil )cable." The guitar features a 00000 Serial Number, Carved Top, Offset body, and a Dark Red/Burgundy Metallic Finish. Good used condition displaying play wear, paint chips, nicks, and dings. There is evidence of some light sanding on the back of the neck and a few extra strap button holes. A Rare Prototype Guitar from Robe Engel and Tom Doyle. Bag $1395
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1956 Gretsch 6192 Country Club Sunburst
An all original and tidy Country Club. 17" wide archtop, DeArmond Pickups, Melita Bridge, Hump Inlays, Grover Imperial Tuners, and Gold Hardware. Excellent plus vintage condition displaying some light play wear and fine finish checking. No binding issues with a good original neck set. Included is the clean original hardshell case. OHSC $5495
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1960 Gretsch 6193 Country Club Natural
Natural Finish, 17" wide Archtop, 2 1/2" Body Depth, Trestle Bracing, Spruce Top, Filtertron Pickups, Grover Imperial Tuners, and Larger rounded Profile Neck. Very Good vintage condition displaying some normal playwear and finish checking. Other than newer bridge for better intonation, the guitar is all original. The guitar has just been setup and is ready to be played. Included is the original Gretsch hardshell case. OHSC $4895
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1966 Gretsch Silver Duke
This is a guitar you do not see every day. This is an all original Silver Duke that features a silver sparkle finish, factory shoe horn bigsby tremolo, two hi lo tron pickups, black pickguard and chrome hardware. These silver Dukes were produced in very small quantities for one year. They were made to commemorated CW "Duke" Kramer for his years of service for the Gretsch Company. There are only a few of these models in existence. This is a must for the Gretsch and American vintage guitar collector. Comes with the original Gretsch leather strap. HSC $4500

1962 Guild X-175 Sunburst
Sunburst Finish, 17" inch wide body, Spruce Top, Harp tailpiece, and original Kolb tuners. A great sounding resonant guitar that represents a lot of archtop guitar for the money. The guitar displays honest play wear with nicks & dings. The binding is intact and has not deteriorated as usual for a 1950s/early 60s Guild. It appears that the guitar may have had a different neck pickup at one time with a slight enlarging of the pickup cavity. Two holes on the top where a past bridge was tacked down. Included is a more recent proper fitting Guild hardshell case. OHSC $2495
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1965 Guild DE-400 Duane Eddy Left Handed Cherry
A Rare Factory Left Handed Duane Eddy Signature Model. Cherry Finish, 17" Wide Body, Dual Humbucking Pickups, Signature Pickguard, Factory Lety Tremolo, and F-hole Guild label with Left Handed designation. Very Good vintage condition displaying play wear, finish checking, and a long scratch on the back of the neck. The neck has been professionally reset for the best playability. The guitar has had a fresh setup and is ready to go. Included is the Original Hardshell Case with some wear and tear. Perhaps the only 1960s Factory Left Handed Guild Duane Eddy produced as we have yet to see another. A fine playing and sounding Lefty Find! OHSC $5995
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1968 Guild M-75 Bluesbird Black
For your consideration is a 1968 Guild M-75 Bluesbird Guitar. Hollow body Chambered Construction, Factory Black Lacquer Finish, Trapeze Tailpiece, Factory Grover Tuners, and Two great sounding Guild Humbucking pickups. Very Good vintage condition displaying some nicks, scratches, and light finish checking. A small spot where the neck seam is visible on the back of the headstock but no structural cracks or crack repairs. A featherweight guitar at 6 pounds. These early Bluesbird M-75s are great guitars. Included is the Original Guild Hardshell case (repaired handle). OHSC $3995
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1982 G&L SC-1 Viking Blue Tags
For your consideration is a 1982 G&L SC-1 in Rare Viking Blue Finish. There were reportedly only 250 SC-1s produced from 1982-1983 with even fewer being produced in the highly coveted Viking Blue Finish. Included is the Original Hardshell Case and Lots of Original Paperwork. Excellent vintage condition displaying only light play wear with some nicks, dings, and case rubs. Viking Blue is reminiscent of Fender's Daphne Blue Finish and with some slight greening this one has naturally aged to an amazing color. A previous owner installed strap lock buttons. 1982 dated pots. A great sounding guitar and a Rare SC-1 in Viking Blue. OHSC $HOLD
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1988 G&L ASAT III Signature Natural
For your consideration is a 1988 G&L ASAT III Signature. A harder to Find G&L Model that features a Natural Finish over a nicely grained Ash Body, Three Pickups with a 5 way switch, Leo Fender Signature on the upper bout, Factory White Painted Aluminum Pickguard, Maple Neck, and untouched Electronics. A very comfortable guitar weighing in at a surprising 7 1/4 pounds for an Ash body. Very Good used condition with some nicks, dings, and surface belt buckle wear. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $1895
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1981 Hamer Special Graphic
A Rare Hamer Special with Original Custom Graphic Finish, Checkerboard headstock Logo, double cutaway slab body, and factory Schaller tuners. The previous owner installed a Duncan in the neck position and a highly regarded older PRS Deep Dish II pickup in the bridge position. Setup with a master volume and master tone and a coil split making it a very versatile guitar. Good used condition displaying nicks, dings, belt buckle wear, and some fine finish checking. No cracks or crack repairs. Included is an aftermarket hardshell case. A cool Custom Hamer Graphic guitar. HSC $1795
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1977 Ibanez 2455 L-4 CES style Archtop Guitar Sunburst
Modeled after the Gibson L-4 CES comes the Ibanez 2455 archtop. 16" wide body, Florentine Cutaway, Two original Super 70 Humbucking Pickups, L-5 style tailpiece, Signed F-hole label, and Star Back Tuners. Missing pickguard, Pickup covers removed, and the neck pickup surround is a replacement. Very good vintage condition displaying light play wear. No cracks or crack repairs. Included is the original hardshell case. A nice archtop from Ibanez's "Lawsuit" time period. OHSC $1795
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1979 Ibanez Artist 2630 Antique Violin
Here is a 1979 Ibanez Artist 2630. The precursor to the AS200 features an Antique Violin Finish over a Figured Maple Top and Back, Two Flying Finger Pickups, Factory Tri Tone Switch for the Neck Pickup, Gibraltar Bridge, Sure Grip Knobs, Velve-Tune Tuners, Ebony Fingerboard, and a Figured Maple Neck. Very Good vintage condition displaying some nicks, dings, and belt buckle wear. Missing pickguard. A well playing guitar that includes its original hardshell case with some wear and tear. OHSC $2495
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1967 Martin 00-28C Brazilian Rosewood
For your consideration is a Brazilian Rosewood 1967 Martin 00-28C Classical Guitar. Spruce Top, Figured Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides, Wide Nut, and Slot Headstock. Very Good vintage condition displaying average play wear with some pick wear on the top, nicks, dings, scratches, and fine finish checking. Comfortable Classical Nylon String action at 4/32" bass side and 5/64" treble side 12th fret action. One slight stress line on the lower back of the body that is not the whole way through or open. A nice Brazilian Rosewood Classical. Included is the Original Hardshell Case. OHSC $4495
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1935 National "Don" Style 1 Roundneck
A Rare Style 1 Roundneck National Don. One of only about 150 Don models produced. Often referred to as the highest quality single cone National ever made, the Don features a German silver body with Nickel plating, 14 frets clear of the body, Pearloid front headstock, and Mahogany neck. We have chosen not to overly clean the body to maintain the original patina. We know that some people choose to clean resonators to a high polished look while others prefer the original patina; therefore, we have left that decision to the next owner. A nice clean and original example displaying light play wear. HSC $12,500

1990 PRS Custom Vintage Sunburst
Pinstriped Flame top, Vintage Sunburst finish, Sweet Switch, Bird Inlays, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, and Small Heel. Strap lock buttons replace the originals. Some players wear with nicks and dings on the edges of the headstock and edges of the body. A fine playing early PRS. OHSC $2995

1991 PRS Custom Vintage Sunburst Finish
Very attractive Vintage Sunburst finish over a finely figured maple top. Standard neck profile with just the right amount of roundness and all the earlier features including Sweet Switch. The guitar displays some playwear with a handful of small dings through the finish. One changed knob otherwise all original. An affordable Sweet Switch Flame top Custom. OHSC $2750

1994 PRS Signed McCarty #45/100
PRS introduced the McCarty model in 1994. The first 100 units produced were numbered and featured a hand signed back plate from Ted McCarty. The guitar features a highly flamed Michigan Maple top, mahogany body and neck, nickel hardware, thicker body, increased neck angle, large profile neck, and moon inlays. This guitar is almost brand new and has only experienced a few hours of play. The guitar comes with all the tags, signed backplate, and a letter from PRS stating this guitar is the 45th McCarty made. A true collectors piece in museum condition. OHSC $5395

1991 Rickenbacker 325V59 Mapleglo
Here is a 1991 Rickenbacker 325V59 Reissue Guitar. Rickenbacker's recreation of their early 325 model that John Lennon purchased in Germany and used in the Beatles early days. Maple Glo Finish, Deep Body, Three Toaster Pickups, Factory Bigsby Tremolo, Gold Guards, Short Scale, and Radio Knobs. An Excellent Condition guitar displaying light play wear. Untouched electronics with 1991 dated pots. A few extra screw holes under the pickguard, maybe a factory mistake? Included is the original Rickenbacker Silver Hardshell Case. A great looking iconic model. OHSC $HOLD
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1967 Rickenbacker 365 Fireglo
Fireglo Finish, Dual Toaster Pickups, Factory Tremolo, Kluson Tuners, and Crushed Pearl Inlays. Very Good Plus vintage condition displaying nicks, dings, play wear, and finish checking. An all original guitar that comes with its original Silver Hardshell Case. Signature Rickenbacker Toaster Pickup Sound. OHSC $4495
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1967 Rickenbacker 615 Fireglo
Fireglo finish, Neck through body construction, Toaster pickups, Tremolo, 67 dated pots, and kluson tuners. A seldom seen model that is a lot of fun to play. This one is very clean displaying very minor wear. Bridge cover and tremolo arm intact. Attractively grained maple body and neck. Included is the original hardshell case. OHSC $3795
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1977 Rickenbacker 481 Slanted Fret White with Black Binding
For your consideration is a 1977 Rickenbacker 481 in Rare Factory White Finish with Black Binding for that "Tuxedo" Style Look. Cresting Wave Body, Two Original Rickenbacker Designed Humbucking Pickups, Factory Phase Switch, R tailpiece, Slanted Frets, Bound Neck, and Black Plastic Parts. Very Good Vintage Condition displaying play wear with nicks, dings, and scratches. The pickup mounting screws have been changed and the phase switch tip is slightly bent but functional. Included is the Bridge Cover and Original Hardshell Case that displays some normal wear & tear. A hard to find 481 Slanted Fret Model in an even harder to find finish color. OHSC $3695

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