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1980 BC Rich Eagle Left Handed
A Rare Factory Left Handed USA Made Eagle. Figured and Birdseye Maple Neck through Construction, DiMarzio Pickups, BC Rich Bridge, Grover Imperial Tuners, and Diamond Inlays. A hard to find Lefty from BC Rich's Handmade Golden Era. Overall an excellent condition vintage guitar displaying only minor play wear with a few small nicks, dings, and surface scratches. The previous owner customized the electronics by replacing the rotary switch with a push pull for the distortion channel. This allowed for a tone control for each pickup and left the coil splits and phase switches intact. We find this new setup to be player friendly but also easy to change back with a Neal Moser kit if desired. Newer Jackplate, strap lock buttons, and missing one pickup surround screw. A great looking guitar with no cracks or crack repairs. Included is an aftermarket road style case. HSC $5500

1988 Mosrite V88 Ventures White Pearlescent
Here is a 1988 Mosrite from the Jonas Ridge, NC Mosrite Time Period. This was a Custom Order and one of the very first few V88 models made. It comes with its Original Hardshell Case and Mosrite Catalog. Pearlescent White Finish, German Carve Body, Two White Covered Mosrite Pickups, Tremolo, Ventures Headstock Logo, Side Jack, and Semi Mosley Signature on the back of the headstock. Excellent Vintage Condition displaying very little use with a few small nicks and dings on the body. Overall a nice tidy Mosrite guitar. A Rare Early V88 Model with Semi Mosley Signature. OHSC $6495
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1966 Harmony Meteor H70 Left Handed Sunburst
A Rare Factory Left Handed Harmony H-70 Meteor. An iconic Harmony guitar model of the 50's & 60's. Keith Richards can be seen sporting a Meteor in the early days of the Stones. This Meteor is in Very Good Vintage Condition displaying some normal use. Single Cutaway Body, classic Tobacco style Burst finish over a very attractive Flamed and Figured Body, Two DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups, Cupcake Knobs, and Bound Fingerboard with Block Inalys. A previous owner relocated the strap buttons and a slightly bent but fully functional tuner. Ships in an aftermarket dreadnaught hardshell case. A great Vintage Harmony find for the Lefty player. HSC $2995
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1967 Rickenbacker 360/12 Mapleglo
A 1967 Rickenbacker 360-12. Mapleglo Finish, Toaster Pickups, Checkerboard Body Binding, and Full Crushed Pearl Fingerboard Inlays. The Signature 1960s Rickenbacker 12 string sound that changed 1960s Music. Very Good Vintage condition displaying nicks, dings, and belt buckle wear. One newer control knob and a vintage Gibson strap button on the upper horn. Original Electronics with 1966 dated pots intact. Included is the Original Silver Hardshell Case with Blue Lining. OHSC $7395

2004 Rickenbacker 360/12 VP Turquoise
A Rare 2004 Rickenbacker 360/12 with the interesting combination of a Stunning Turquoise Finish and Factory Vintage Pickup Option. Rickenbacker's Signature 12 String sound powered by two Original Toaster Pickups, Chrome Hardware, R tailpiece, and Shark Tooth Fingerboard Inlays. A nice tidy example displaying a few small nicks and scratches. Included is the Original Hardshell Case, Paperwork, and Polishing Cloth. The owner installed a 12 saddle Rickenbacker bridge for better intonation with the original 6 saddle bridge included. A Rare Custom Color 12 String Rickenbacker. OHSC $4295 Now $3995

2005 Rickenbacker 620 BlueBurst
For your consideration is a 2005 Rickenbacker 620 in Rare BlueBurst Finish. Cresting Wave Body, Neck Through Maple Construction, Dual Pickups, R Tailpiece, and Chrome Hardware. Very Good Used Condition displaying some light use. Included is Rickenbacker Hardshell Case, Rickenbacker Catalog, and Bridge Cover. A very hard to find and gorgeous BlueBurst 620. OHSC $3595

2021 Rickenbacker 360/12C63 Fireglo
Here is a 2021 Rickenbacker 360/12C63. An accurate recreation of George Harrison's iconic 1963 12 String guitar. Double Bound Body, Toaster Pickups, Fireglo Finish, and Trapeze Tailpiece. A nice clean and tidy guitar that has seen little use. Included is the Original Silver Tolex Case, Tags, and Polishing Cloth. OHSC $3495

1982 Yamaha SA 2000 Left Handed Burgundy
A Rare Factory Left Handed Yamaha SA 2000. Semi Hollow Construction, Gold Hardware, Ebony Fingerboard, and a Pair of Original Humbucking Pickups. Very Good Vintage condition with some light to average cosmetic wear. Missing one tuner back and a tone knob that is missing its cap. Some milkiness in the clear coat as typically seen on Yamaha guitars of the time period. Included is the Original Yamaha Hardshell Case. A fine playing guitar and an exceptionally hard to find Left Handed Example. OHSC $3150

1956 Gretsch 6192 Country Club Sunburst
An all original and tidy Country Club. 17" wide archtop, DeArmond Pickups, Melita Bridge, Hump Inlays, Grover Imperial Tuners, and Gold Hardware. Excellent plus vintage condition displaying some light play wear and fine finish checking. No binding issues with a good original neck set. Included is the clean original hardshell case. OHSC $5495
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1959 Gretsch 6119 Country Club Natural
We are proud to offer a Beautiful 1959 Gretsch Chet Atkins Signature 6119 Model Guitar. The early Single Pickup Model 6119 was made from 1958 to 1960 before the model underwent a major transformation in the 1960s. This is an All Original Beauty. Striking Western Red finish, PAF Filtertron Pickup, Trestle Bracing, Signpost Pickguard, and a Classic Bigsby Tremolo completes the look. A 16" wide guitar with a 2 3/4 inch depth body. The headstock adorns the Gretsch Logo Inlaid Headstock with Waverly Tuners and a zero fret ebony fretboard with Thumbnail Position markers. The compact electronics consist of a Master Volume and 3 way Tone Switch all working as they should. Two bent but functional tuners. Very Good Vintage condition displaying some finish checking. The binding displays some typical shrinkage with slight separation in the cutaway and body waist along with some spots of checking. Included is the Gretsch Two tone Gray Case and an Old Canister of Gretsch Strings. A Gorgeous early Gretsch 6119. OHSC $5995
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1960 Gretsch 6193 Country Club Natural
Natural Finish, 17" wide Archtop, 2 1/2" Body Depth, Trestle Bracing, Spruce Top, Filtertron Pickups, Grover Imperial Tuners, and Larger rounded Profile Neck. Very Good vintage condition displaying some normal playwear and finish checking. Other than newer bridge for better intonation, the guitar is all original. The guitar has just been setup and is ready to be played. Included is the original Gretsch hardshell case. OHSC $4995
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1966 Gretsch Silver Duke
This is a guitar you do not see every day. This is an all original Silver Duke that features a silver sparkle finish, factory shoe horn bigsby tremolo, two hi lo tron pickups, black pickguard and chrome hardware. These silver Dukes were produced in very small quantities for one year. They were made to commemorated CW "Duke" Kramer for his years of service for the Gretsch Company. There are only a few of these models in existence. This is a must for the Gretsch and American vintage guitar collector. Comes with the original Gretsch leather strap. HSC $4500

1956 Guild X-350 Stratford Sunburst
For your consideration is a 1956 Guild X-350 Stratford Archtop Guitar. 17" Wide Body, Sunburst Finish, Three Franz Pickups, Gold Hardware, and Harp Tailpiece. This is one of the cleaner X350s we have encountered displaying light playwear. The Franz Pickups Covers are still bright white. Overall Excellent Vintage Condition displaying some typical binding shrinkage. Included is the Original Brown Lifton Hardshell Case with some Black Diamond and Guild String packages that were in the case pocket. A nice tidy example. OHSC $4395
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1962 Guild Starfire III Emerald Green
Here is a 1962 Guild Starfire III in Rare Factory Emerald Green Finish. Early Starfire Example with Two Factory DeArmond Dynasonic Pickups, Factory Tremolo, Bound Dot Neck, Early Open Book Headstock shape, and Guild F-hole label intact. Very Good Plus Vintage condition displaying some finish checking and play wear. No headstock cracks or repairs. Included is the Original Guild Hardshell Case and Guild Polishing Cloth. A hard to find Early Emerald Green Starfire. OHSC $7995
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1964 Guild CE-100 Sunburst
Here is a 1964 Guild CE-100. Sunburst Finish over a Beautiful Figured Arched Maple Top and Back, Humbucking Pickup, Cutaway Archtop Construction, F-hole Label intact, and Harp Tailpiece. Very Good Vintage condition displaying some play wear and finish checking. These earlier Guild CE Archtops are not only great guitars but a lot of bang for the dollar, priced at a a fraction of the similar vintage ES-175. HSC $2495
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1959 Guild Aristocrat M75 Sunburst
A clean and tidy Aristocrat. Sunburst Finish, Two Franz Pickups, Spruce Top, Gold Hardware, Harp Tailpiece, and a feather weight at 5.1 pounds. Excellent Vintage Condition displaying some play wear, finish checking, and typical slight binding shrinkage. Included is the original hardshell case and Guild Tag. OHSC $5995
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1969 Guild M75 Bluesbird Sunburst
Here is a 1969 Guild Bluebird M-75. Features include a Semi-Hollow Construction, Sunburst Finish, Dual Humbucking Pickups, Gold Hardware, Factory Grovers, and Harp Tailpiece. Lightweight at only 6.2 pounds. Very Good vintage condition displaying some play wear with finish checking. Gold platting worn of the top of the pickup covers. Refretted with a new nut. As is typical, the Guild Headstock veneer was secured down from shrinkage. In doing so the luthier applied some black paint to the edge of the veneer. No headstock cracks or crack repairs. A great sounding M-75. Included is the Original Hardshell case (newer handle). OHSC $4650
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1968 Guild F-30 Natural with Hang Tag
This acoustic has a great resonant tone out of its 15" wide body, Natural Finish over a Spruce Top, Cherry Finished Mahogany Back and Sides, Oval Guild Soundhole Label, and Tortoiseshell Pickguard. Several top cracks that are tight and have been repaired including two behind the bridge, a pickguard crack, and one on the upper bass side bout. Very Good vintage condition displaying light to average use with a scratch on the back of the body. Some typical Guild faceplate shrinkage on the headstock. Clean original frets. 7/64" 12th fret bass side action. Included is the Original Soft Case with Yellow Lining and Guild Hang Tag. OHSC $2595
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1983 Dean V Black
Here is a USA Made 1983 Dean V. Black Finish, Chrome Hardware, String Through Body, V Shaped Headstock, Bound Neck, Comfortable V Neck Profile, and Light weight at 6.3 pounds. No headstock cracks or repairs. Very Good condition displaying play wear with some finish checking. A couple minor changes with a newer knob, one newer pot, and a newer truss rod cover screw. Included is the Original Hardshell Case. An easy playing USA Made Dean V. OHSC $3295
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1984 Hamer Vector KK Downing Natural
Here is a 1984 Hamer Vector KK Downing Signature Model in Super Rare Natural Finish with Cherry back and Sides. The original Prototype that was made for KK Downing featured the same Natural Top Finish and he can be seen playing that guitar Live through the years. A Super Attractive Highly Figured Maple Top. This guitar was customized by a previous owner adding a second pickup (Original in the neck position and Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge) with toggle switch and hardtail Kahler bridge. Very Good Vintage Condition displaying only light use with some finish blemishes from a guitar hanger on the sides of the headstock. No cracks or crack repairs. Included is the Original Hamer Hardshell Case. OHSC $3595
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1985 Jackson Randy Rhoads Ferrari Red San Dimas
Here is a San Dimas 1985 Jackson Randy Rhoads V. The one thing that makes this guitar especially hard to find is the Factory Floyd Rose Tremolo. The Floyd Rose was a $360 Jackson up charge at the time and as a result most opted for the less expensive Kahler Tremolo. Ferrari Red Finish, Neck Through Construction, Student Model with a Rosewood Fingerboard and Dot Inlays, Black Hardware, and Dual Humbucking Pickups. Excellent plus vintage condition as the guitar displays little use with only some minor signs of wear. We installed a more player friendly Schaller Floyd Arm and bracket but the original is included. Comes with the case which for some unknown reason is missing most of its black tolex. A Rare Floyd Rose San Dimas Jackson Randy Rhoads. OHSC $4195
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1974 Ibanez 2402 "Lawsuit Era" Double Neck 12/6 Cherry
An Early "Lawsuit Era" Ibanez 2402 Double Neck. This is the earliest Ibanez Double Neck we have ever encountered and it has some unique early features. The Electronics Layout and Pickguard design are unlike any 2402 we have seen in the wild. The layout includes a side mounted jack, two short pickguards, and the three position switch for the necks on the lower bout. The usual seen version includes an elongated center pickguard with attached three position for neck selection and a top body mounted jack. This early side jack electronics layout can be seen in the 1974 catalog and must have only been done on the prototypes or the earliest of examples. Other early features include Gibson style open book headstocks and pre serial number neck plates. The pickups on the 6 string neck are Duncan 59s and they sound great. A micro switch was installed on the pickguard but is not currently in use. The pickups on the 12 string are the original Maxons and dated February 1974. Newer bridge on the 12 string. Very Good vintage condition displaying some dings, scratches, and finish checking on the necks. Included is an newer Epiphone Double Neck Hardshell Case. A Rare early Ibanez Double Neck. HSC $2895
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1977 Ibanez 2455 L-4 CES style Archtop Guitar Sunburst
Modeled after the Gibson L-4 CES comes the Ibanez 2455 archtop. 16" wide body, Florentine Cutaway, Two original Super 70 Humbucking Pickups, L-5 style tailpiece, Signed F-hole label, and Star Back Tuners. Missing pickguard, Pickup covers removed, and the neck pickup surround is a replacement. Very good vintage condition displaying light play wear. No cracks or crack repairs. Included is the original hardshell case. A nice archtop from Ibanez's "Lawsuit" time period. OHSC $1995
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1978 Ibanez Iceman IC-400 Antique Violin
The legendary Ibanez Iceman is the result of the company's desire to become more than just a "copy" guitar maker. The original Artist 2663, very similar to the later Iceman design, was created in 1975. After some modifications, the Iceman as we know it today began production in 1978. The IC-400 was the top of the line with only 171 guitars produced in it's two years of production. Mahogany Body with Multi Bound Maple Top, Figured Maple Neck, Gold Hardware, Super 80 Pickups with Flying Finger Covers, and Sure Grip Knobs. Very Good Vintage Condition displaying normal play wear with some typical spider webbing and yellowing on the binding. A small ding touch up on the side of the body. Later Ibanez Boomerang strap buttons. Included is the Original Hardshell Case with some normal wear and tear and a dent on the bottom. A Rare 1970s Ibanez Iceman Model. OHSC $5495
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1987 Ibanez Maxxas M3 Cranberry Red
Here is a Rare 1987 Ibanez Maxxas. The Maxxas incorporated many unique features including a Thin Chambered Light Weight body, Full Access Neck/Body Joint, and Two IBZ/USA Humbucking pickups. Many of its revolutionary designs would be used on later Ibanez offerings. Very Good Used Condition displaying some nicks, dings, and belt buckle scratches. One fully functioning tuner is missing its back and some deterioration on the grip rubber of the knobs. The guitar weighs in at a comfortable 6.4 pounds. Included is a worn time period Ibanez case (some paint on the lid) and the Tremolo Arm. A Hard to Find Ibanez Guitar. HSC $4995
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1962 Martin F-65 Sunburst
Here is an early example of Martin's entrance into the Electric Guitar market. This 1962 Martin F-65 features a Double Cutaway Body, Shaded Sunburst Finish, Two DeArmond Dynasonic Pickups, Trapeze Tailpiece, Single Line Kluson Tuners, and Flame Maple Headstock Veneer. Very Good vintage condition displaying playwear and finish checking. A previously installed strap button on the neck heel has been filled. Original Lucite Bridge intact with a common crack in the base that has been previously repaired. Included is the Original worn Hardshell case. OHSC $3250
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1985 Martin N-20 Natural Custom Order
Here is a Custom Ordered 1985 Martin N-20. Nylon Strings, Slotted Headstock, Spruce Top, and Beautiful Rosewood Back and Sides. Similar to Willie Nelson's "Trigger". If you have ever found the 2 1/8" nut width a bit too wide on a standard N-20 like me, this one is a welcomed change with a Custom Ordered 1 7/8" Nut Width. Stamped "Custom" from the factory on the neck block above the serial number. A clean and tidy Excellent Condition Vintage Guitar displaying light play wear and a couple finish rubs from a guitar stand. Included is the Original Martin Hardsehell Case. OHSC $8495 $7995
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1967 Supro Carlisle
Sunburst Finish, Gumby Headstock, Tremolo, Dual pickup and Kluson tuners. Some typical play wear with some spider webbing on the neck binding. Bag $895
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1990s Engel Prototype Guitar Rob Engel and Tom Doyle
Here is a Prototype Guitar from Rob Engel of Engel Guitars. A previous owner contacted Rob regarding this guitar and he said "yes, it was a prototype of a guitar that was made when I was working with Tom Doyle back in 91 . It has a 24 3/4 scale, poplar body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The pick ups are Seymour Duncan 59's wired on 4 conductor (series/parallel/single coil )cable." The guitar features a 00000 Serial Number, Carved Top, Offset body, and a Dark Red/Burgundy Metallic Finish. Good used condition displaying play wear, paint chips, nicks, and dings. There is evidence of some light sanding on the back of the neck and a few extra strap button holes. A Rare Prototype Guitar from Robe Engel and Tom Doyle. Bag $1395
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1991 PRS Custom 24 Vintage Sunburst
A 1991 PRS Custom still with the early features. Vintage Sunburst Finish over a Flamed Maple Top, Mahogany Body and Neck, Small Heel, Sweet Switch, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, 1 21/32" nut width, and Tremolo. The guitar is hand dated 12/21/1990 in the neck pickup cavity but no finished until early 1991. Good Used condition displaying nicks, dings, and play wear. A gorgeous guitar and probably amongst the last of the sweet switch models. Included is a time period hardshell case and Tremolo Arm. HSC $3795

1994 PRS Signed McCarty #45/100
PRS introduced the McCarty model in 1994. The first 100 units produced were numbered and featured a hand signed back plate from Ted McCarty. The guitar features a highly flamed Michigan Maple top, mahogany body and neck, nickel hardware, thicker body, increased neck angle, large profile neck, and moon inlays. This guitar is almost brand new and has only experienced a few hours of play. The guitar comes with all the tags, signed backplate, and a letter from PRS stating this guitar is the 45th McCarty made. A true collectors piece in museum condition. OHSC $

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